Written by Philip Whitchurch

Performed by Sally Edwards and Philip Whitchurch

Directed by Julia St John

April 1616 - Shakespeare has returned to Stratford a rich and famous man but all's not well. Why is he so unhappy? Why can't he sleep? Why is his wife furious with him? Who is Will waiting for and why can't Anne find the dog?

A sleepless night in Stratford

The secrets, lies, resentments and passions of a marriage laid bare.

The one hour traffic of our play.


Shakespeare, his Wife and the Dog received it's world premiere at Summerhall for the 2014 Edinburgh Festival to critical acclaim. 


'The play is wonderfully written and beautifully acted. If you have ever loved Shakepeare's work , this show will remind you why.' - Broadway Baby - 4 Stars

'This piece is intelligent, witty and emotive, as well as being really good fun!' - Three Weeks - 5 Stars

'A Bardian trainspotter's delight...this is a script which will belong to the ages.' - Fringe Review5 Stars

'With Whitchurch himself as Shakespeare and Sally Edwards in the role of Anne Hathaway, there is something of an acting master-class to be found onstage... it is a play that rises and falls in careful breaths prompting it's audience into laughter and stillness in equal measure.' - The Skinny - 4 Stars

'A joyous celebration of Language.' - The List - 4 Stars

'It’s a fine production founded upon two strong central performances.' - The Scotsman - 4 Stars

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As a dazzling piece of imaginative writing, Shakespeare, His Wife and the Dog is undoubtedly a triumph – the verbal crossfire is fast and furious, the in-jokes satisfying and the basic conceit believable. As an object lesson in acting technique and timing, one would be hard pressed to better it. - The Review Hub Birmingham

Not only is Shakespeare, His Wife, and the Dog  a treat for all theatre aficionados, it is also clever, emotional and wonderfully acted. This is not just for Shakespeare geeks. It is at once funny and serious, an exploration of history and fame, but also a poignant portrait of a relationship that is warm, human and extremely satisfying. - Edinburgh Review

A celebratory one-off,  a brilliantly crafted piece, crackling with comic energy, playful dramatic appropriation, and a poetic licence to rival Shakespeare's own. Accessible and funny, this is the sort of play one could imagine working well outdoors as well as in, perhaps being revived for Shakespeare festivals and events. A warm and witty celebration of language, love and theatre, complete with all their joy and heartache. - What's on Live Birmingham

When you wish a production would not end after an hour you know you have a hit on your hands. - The Wirral Globe

Just spent a joyous hour in the “cockpit of dreams” that is Shakespeare His Wife and the Dog by Philip Whitchurch. -  Liverpool Echo Tweet